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I'm really not your average "model" girl, nor do I try to be. I'm just your amateur "girl next door" who enjoys hanging out and being one of the guys. A lot of people on the messages boards that I post at (Teen Planet Forums, for example) seem to like that I'm kinda' geeky. Most girls like to go out and party, dance, shop, and all that stuff. My idea of a good time is sitting at home playing video games, working on my site 'Lizzie's Wallpapers', and watching TV.

I'm actually very shy, so I know I surprised a lot of people by making this site. My old site was completely non-nude, whereas with this site I pretty much throw my clothes out the window! Even though I'm usually shy, I don't mind being in front of the camera at all. It gives me a chance to be either goofy or sexy, and show off more of my creative side. I'm all about laughing and having fun, which is probably why I watch so many comedy shows on TV! I love South Park, Family Guy, and zany stuff like that.

I'm different, that's for sure! I have a few small white birthmarks that I'm really self-conscious about, but people tell me they're unique and set me apart from all the other girls out there. Help Support Me!
Is the video quality as good as I say it is? Yes! All videos are in .wmv format and the super-high-definition videos are beautiful in quality. You'd have to see 'em to believe 'em. Members have access to all of the highly-anticipated videos featuring me, Carmen, Barbie, and a strap-on! I love guys, but I definitely have a thing for girls too... hope you don't mind! This site is a way for me to explore my adventurous sexual side.
I could go down on Carmen all day!
Me on top of a mountain!
Threesome with Carmen and Barbie!
Those who know me and remember my old non-nude site are going to be completely shocked at how wild I get in these videos. Either with another girl or just flying solo, I absolutely love having fun. Even though my site is known mostly for it's amazing videos and live chats, it does feature photo galleries. Each movie is accompanied with video stills, and on occassion I update with high-resolution and webcam photo sets.
Very tasty!
Innocent? Ha!
This was my first time ever using a toy... seriously!
All images are easy to navigate thanks to an excellent members area layout that won't disappoint! I pride myself in quality. My site updates once a week with high-definition videos that you're sure to love, and I love chatting live with all of you every week. When I'm not on cam, you can always leave me a message on my forum! Join Me Inside!
Carmen is one of the best kissers ever!
My masturbation video... in the car!
Time to take a nice, long, steamy shower!
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